Nathan Thach | Realtor

Nathan Thach is a licensed Realtor at EQ1 Real Estate who is based in the Sacramento region along with his wife, four kids, and dog.

With a Bachelor's degree in Business with a focus on Management Information Systems, Nathan spent a few years working in the IT field before finding a passion for photography. After quitting the 9-5 grind, he started a photography business, connecting with couples and families to document special moments during weddings, engagements, and family sessions.

Nathan enjoyed making connections with clients and gaining so many friendships through photography and is now able to connect with clients and bring joy through real estate. As a Sacramento resident for over 30 years, Nathan has extensive experience and knowledge with different areas of the Greater Sacramento area, from Elk Grove to Rocklin, West Sacramento to El Dorado Hills. He has personal experience with buying and selling homes throughout different stages of life, from young adulthood to starting a family and finding a forever home.

With a dedication to helping guide clients through buying, selling, and investing in real estate, Nathan is excited to embark on this new career journey, connect with people, and bring more happiness into their lives.

What EQ1’s clients are saying about their experiences

Andy L.
San Ramon, CA

EQ1 has done a great job taking care of home buyers like me. They have the utmost care in quality, especially when it comes to showing homes. These amazing people absolutely care and makes sure that we not only get a house, but get a house that we would love!

Dj M.
San Jose, CA

I found EQ1 via a home they sold on my street months prior. They had done such a terrific job marketing the property that I saved the flyer in my kitchen drawer and said to myself "If I ever decide to sell my home, these are the guys for the job" That day came sooner than anticipated, so I pulled Mike Bui's information from the flyer and sent him an email. Despite being on vacation, he was extremely responsive to my inquiry. It was already a hint at the type of service I was going to experience from EQ1.

I really could not be happier. It was a huge decision to sell my home and use a new Realtor. One of those decisions, like purchasing a car, where you can sometimes feel like you left something on the table, maybe should have gotten a different model, option color or gone an entirely different direction. In this case, I had zero "buyers remorse". I chose the right guy and the right team to get the job done, and I could not be more satisfied as a customer of EQ1. I truly consider Mike my friend and my Realtor moving forward in life. Thank you Mike and EQ1.

Cristina H.
San Jose, CA

Great people! Would highly recommend if you want to sell your home. ​ Invest in property, including house flipping!! Professional and knowledgeable! Turn around time in selling property is awesome!!

Kenji Y.
Cupertino, CA

I've been to a few open houses by EQ1 or Equity One and they do a great job at least selling their units.

I can say as a buyer, I'm attracted to the units they present.

1. Great photography. ​ When you're browsing Redfin or Zillow, the homes stand and usually look a lot better than the actual unit.

2. The units are shown very well. ​ Whoever they have doing the quick interior design is good. ​ I personally know a complex that had 2 units on sale and the one by EQ1 sold immediately while the other is still sitting on the market (it's been 3 weeks now).

3. Great looking pamphlets. ​ Not the usual multipurpose cheap 1 pager. ​ It's an actual hard paper, colorful pamphlet that you'd want to keep

4. Professional realtors. ​ Today I went to an open house for a loft in downtown SJ and I was greeted and welcomed in. ​ Not intrusive at all. ​ I believe it was Jen Beehler that welcomed my dog at the condo that sold right away and Ronnie Lou Hernandez that was presenting the loft I saw today (which I'm shocked it's contingent already).

5. Food provided at open house. ​ Salami, grapes, I didn't try them, but it makes the unit a lot warmer.